Cognishield Supplement:- A clinically proven formula to empower brain

Cognishield supplement is a dietary nootropic supplement. It deals with the brain diseases and improves cognitive functioning of the brain. This supplement is produced in FDA approved facility, though it itself has got certification from a third party. It does not treat, cure and diagnose any disease as the company website claims but is very helpful in brain functioning.

What can cognishield do?

Cognishield can improve your memory or recalling ability. It can prevent your brain from free radical and chemical attack caused by bad cells of body. It prevents your blood from clotting which is a cause of brain tumor. You should learn more about tumor from healthline. It also claims to treat Alzheimer which is a lofty claim. We also researched on this particular subject whether it is just a claim or there is some reality.


What are Symptoms of Alzheimer and how Cognishield prevents them?

Alzheimer disease is due to the death of brain cells. The decay of cells is smooth which results increased memory loss. A person with this disease suffers from following symptoms.

  • Man becomes forgetful
  • Headache is common
  • Vomiting and blurred vision
  • It becomes difficult to explain something or difficulty in speaking.
  • Shivering and seizures
  • Brain size starts decreasing

Cognishield stops Alzheimer symptoms by preventing further decay of brain cells. Sometimes free radical and chemical attack on brain is also the main reason for memory loss. Cognishield shields brain from further attack of chemicals and free radicals. You can further read detailed reasons and cures of Alzheimer from National institute on aging.

What are the benefits?

  • Boosts Cognitive functions of brain
  • Improves recalling ability
  • Shields brain from chemical and free radical attack
  • Improves concentration or better focus
  • Increases brain health

Side Effects of Cognishield

Cognishield is a clinically proven nootropic supplement which can be used without hesitation. This supplement has not any known side effects. Though a-lot of customers suffering from cognitive disruption has used it but not a single complaint has been reported. Its Ingredients are natural and are those are very effective.

Is Cognishield a Scam Supplement?

The Company which is selling Cognishield provides 60-day money back guarantee if you have any problem. They will send even provide you a refund even if you have used more than half bottle. You can also contact their customer service directly or send them a message from their contact page.

What are the Customer reviews about it?

The customers who have used it told they only bought this supplement due to its un-precedent claim of dealing with Alzheimer. After using this supplement more than 80% noticed improvements in memory of their beloved ones. Cognishield also confessed that it might not work on some persons due to some unknown issues. As person changes so do results.


What are the ingredients in the Cognishield?

All ingredients in Cognishield are worth to use individually. These ingredients are already known for their brain health effectiveness. All of those are research proven ingredients which are different from other brain supplements.

Phenylpiracetam reduces the rate of cognitive loss. It stops and in some cases reverses the process of neuro-degeneration. It prevents from depression, anxiety and seizure attacks.

Noopept is another well-known ingredient can be used as individual supplement. It has very strong research history but some of its benefits are yet to prove. Many of us believe it as thousand time better than piracetam.

  • It increases learning ability
  • Increases memory
  • Improves mood and no more mood swings

Choline is also found in foods but it is not absorbed by the body for that reason people use its supplement. It retains memory and recovers damages brain cells to boost cognitive functioning of Human brain.

L-Theanine is found in the leaves of tea but from the data, we obtained its benefits are doubted. Many researchers regard it very less or of no help to brain functioning. Yet people use it on daily routine some also report that it helped them. But depending on research, it is not at par with other three ingredients.


  • People suffering from any other disease should ask their doctor before using any type of supplement. As sometimes the doctor medicines and ingredients in supplements might react. You should take extreme care of yourself.
  • Women in pregnancy should also avoid using any supplement.
  • Not only Cognishield but any type of supplement or medicine should be kept away from the reach of children.

Where To Buy it.

You can buy Cognishield from officials they have their online website. You can also buy it from Amazon and GNC. The product is available at all major stores.

How to take it or Dosage?

One bottle contains 60 Capsules and you have to take 2 capsules daily, one in breakfast and other in evening.

Bottom Line

If you have problems in recalling things or memory loss problem then you can try Cognishield. It has helped others and it has potential to help your cognitive problems.

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