Supplements are commonly used all over the world. According to research, half of the adult population in the United State utilizes supplements for various purposes. Supplements are used to enhance the mental, physical and sexual health. These supplements assist in providing the essential nutrition such as vitamins, protein, minerals, hormones, enzymes, herbals and botanicals to the body. Some of these supplements are attained from natural resources such as dairy products, vegetables, and herbs.  On the other hand, some supplements are attained from chemical consistency to react with the body. These supplements are accessible in various forms such as tablets, powder, liquid or capsules. Each of these claims to enhance the body functioning and improvement of the general wellbeing. Are all these claims true?


Supplements are attained from various sources and ingredient. We are not aware of the effect of these ingredients on our body. It is possible that it might reach to our body negatively or causes any irritation. The side effects of the supplements should not be ignored. If these supplements are not taken properly, it can lead to fatal issues and implications. If you think that the manufacturer of these supplements will highlight the side effects than you are wrong. Most of the manufacturers are only concerned about their profit and marketing. In such cases, it is important to consult your doctor to seek guidance regarding the usage. Here are some of the common issues observed regarding this supplement

  • Some supplements can cause bleeding, vomiting or a severe headache.
  • Some supplements can react with the prescribed medicine such as Vitamin K and Coumadin.
  • Some supplements can trigger anesthesia and asthma.
  • Some supplement can reduce the effects of another drug such as birth control pills.
  • Some supplement might affects the fertility and pregnancy negatively.


It is important the dietary supplements that are consumed are attained from safe sources. There should be no compromise on the quality of these supplements. The Food department established all over the world named as FDA has maintained some standard. The practices should be according to the GMPa in which the purity, formation, formulation, and identity of the constituent used in the supplement should be clear. It is important to consider the supplement that is approved by FDA. In this way, you will be able to analyze that the supplement is free from side effects, reactions, chemical, and harmful fillers.


The common side effects of these dietary supplements include the following

  • MENTAL HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS: Mental health supplement claims to help in increasing the memory and focus. Some of them also cause restlessness, abnormal heartbeat, increased sweating, lethargy, and dry intestine.
  • PHYSICAL HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS: Physical health supplements include the weight reduction and muscle enhancement supplements. Some of these supplement leads to side effects. The common side effects of these supplements are vomiting, upset stomach, headache, migraine, laziness, anxiety, increased blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • SEXUAL HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS: Sexual health supplements claim to increase the satisfaction and erection in the men. This supplement causes side effects such as metallic taste, sweating, vomiting, upset stomach, anxiety, depression, lethargy, dry intestine, kidney issues, abnormal heartbeat, and fever.
  • SKIN CARE SUPPLEMENTS: Skincare supplement includes creams and serum that helps in attaining flawless and youthful appearance. Some of the side effects observed in these supplements include irritation, sweat, allergy, flushed skin, sagginess, spots, acne, pimples and skin burn.
  • HAIR CARE SUPPLEMENTS: Hair care supplement helps in attaining thicker, stronger and better hair. These supplements can also lead to side effects such as itching, allergy, irritation, hair fall, and rashes.


It is important that the consumer is aware of the side effects of the supplements. It is reported that 1009 people faced severe side effects from the consumption of this supplement in the year 2016. The manufacturers of these supplements are only interested in making money from their product. Sometimes, these manufacturers compromise on the quality and ingredients of these products.

As there should be no compromise on the health of any individual, it is important to attain awareness regarding the side effects of the product. In 2013, 2 people were reported dead due to the consumption of wrong supplements. A research also highlighted that during chemotherapy of cancer patient, consumption of these supplements might increases the cancer cells.

As a consumer, it is important to attain awareness regarding the product you are considering for your health.


The dietary supplement can provide several health benefits but there are many risks associated with them as well. Consider using the supplements that are approved by the U.S Food and drug administration (FDA). Check the ingredients of the supplement before using it. Do not fall for false economy and claims of the distributors. Always buy the product from the official distributor or the website of the manufacturers.

As the world is connected through the internet, make sure you read some reviews before using the supplement. Make sure the supplement that you are using is manufactured by a well-reputed company. If you do not like the product, share your opinions with others to spread awareness.


If you have ever faced any side effect by consumption of any supplement, report it to the food and drug administration based in the USA.


As we live in a global village, everyone is connected to the internet. It is extremely easy to communicate and send messages to others. There are several websites that provide 100% honest reviews and information regarding the supplements. Information such as ingredients, advantages, disadvantages, side effects, and customer testimonials are provided. Before buying any supplement, consider checking these websites.


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