Test reload supplement can increase your testosterone and libido levels!

Test reload supplement is for those suffering from low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a molecular hormone found in both genders. It has ability to transform itself into estrogen. The levels of testosterones are high in teenagers or in 20s of one’s life.  These levels reduce to half as compared to the levels of 20s. But strangely these levels do not fall so rapidly in women. Some researchers regard these levels, a reason for the low mortality rates in women, as compared to men. Living with such levels will show some specific symptoms. It is not a rocket science these days to recognize that fatigue, dizziness, low time in bed, headache and hard to focus are just due to low testosterone. Here test reload supplement will reload your testosterones, before going into details, let’s put some light on the symptoms of low testosterones.

What are the Symptoms of low testosterone levels?

The low testosterones with which supplement deals are due to aging effect or unhealthy diet.

Unable to satisfy your spouce

The low sex drive or unable to satisfy your partner is the one reason most of the users try test reload. But this is not the only reason.

Fatigue and dizziness

A person with low testosterone will always find itself tired. As the levels decreases the energy in the body rapidly falls. One starts feeling sleepy every time though he was just awoken. The desire to do sex immediately vanishes and mood swings is common in such people.

Thin or less sperms

As soon as one’s testosterone levels drop the sperm will start becoming thin. They will notice a less amount of semen while they try to intercourse with their partners. A healthy man will always have thick and high level of semen.

Dry and unattractive skin

Whether one is white, black or brown, everybody has an attractive skin. When a person suffers from low testosterone levels his skin will become dry and roots of hairs in it will be no more solid. Hairs will start falling sharply as a result. The supplement although does not claim to be effective in hair loss treatment but high testosterone might help you.

Less warm and obese body

With the decrease in testosterone levels one’s body starts getting obese. The heat and energy in the body decreases and body is unable to melt these fats. These body fats are reason for the constipation, gastro and certain heart problems.

Less time in gym and less muscle mass

When body is hungry of proteins and vitamins then, its healthy parts start deteriorating to maintain a balance. The hard earned body starts loosing muscle mass. To stop this immediate loss is to reload your testosterone that’s why the makers named it test reload supplement.

What are the ingredients in the Supplement?

The official website claims that the reload supplement is a blend of the following ingredients.

Beta Alanine is a carnosine body building block. It increases lean muscle mass and endurance. It is very effective in maintaining buffer ph levels.

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid. It controls testosterone production. Multiple researches suggest that DDA is directly related to male fertility. It increases sperm quality and semen motility.

Mucuna Pruriens is a tropical legume commonly known as a velvet bean. It is being used as a healing ingredient since 1500 B.C. It was used in Ayurvedic treatments and is very effective for the brain health. Mucuna Pruriens contains such ingredients which are important for neurotransmitters’ health.

White Button Mushroom Extract is very helpful in immune functioning.  It improves human body defense system. Body can fight better with diseases flu, cough, headache and a person feels more energetic and enthusiastic.

Fenugreek acts smartly as it does not let testosterone to convert into another molecule. It improves libido and sexual capacity of a man. Fenugreek increases testosterone levels in body and it has been proved by multiple researches.

Maca root is a plant, originates from Malaysia and it is well known worldwide for its ability to improve libido. It not only improves testosterone levels but also memory, focus and energy of a user. Maca improves endurance and more work time in the gyms or daily routines.

Benefits of this supplement

This supplement has the same benefits which Proshred Elite claims or provide. these benefits are briefed as under.

  • Increased libido and testosterone levels
  • More time in the bed with your spouse
  • Better focus and recalling ability
  • More endurance and workouts
  • More energy
  • Better immune system
  • Less body fats
  • Helps in body building
  • No more fatigue and dizziness

Is there any side effect of using supplement?

Reload supplement contains natural ingredients most of herbs and plants. These herbs and plants have proven health benefits. Until now thousands of customers have used this supplement and no one reported any reaction. It is always very hard to prove and recommend a supplement having no side effects. But test reload supplement stands in its own unique standing. It has no proven side effect.

Is test reload a scam product?

Scam products are those, which always have an intention to earn money by scamming people. But test reload is actually helping people by providing them a treatment for their low testosterones. It also has a refund policy and you can claim your refund by mailing them.


  • Not for teenagers
  • Keep away from children
  • Keep in dry and cold place
  • Not for pregnant women
  • Overdosing is prohibited
  • If suffering from any disease please contact your doctor.


Test reload review reveals about side effects, benefits and ingredients. After looking into these aspects, one can understand, whether he should use it or not. It has ability to treat your low testosterone hormones and will give you an energetic life.

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